About Us

Chin Huay, established in 1925 at Amphoe Tha Chalom, Samut Sakhon province. It is the first manufacturer in Thailand to produce canned sardine, and later on the company added several new products, for an example of canned fruits and canned vegetarian food, that has been popular until today.

In 1980, Customers had become more concern on their health and fruits had been highly in demand by healthy consumers. The company invested on dried fruit factory to feed the market increase, and to meet life-on-the-go of the urban people. The company invited international dried food experts to monitor product control. From that day until now, it has been 36 year of popularity of the quality dried fruits in Thailand, and has expanded to other 51 countries around the world.

Chin Huay, or known as Charoen Utsahagam today, we continue on focusing on inventing new products, and investing on research and development for new quality food products for everyone.

Chin Huay – Generation to Generation