Chin Huay Co., Ltd.

Innovative Healthy Food

Growing with Quality from Generation to Generation
Chin Huay Co., Ltd.

Our forefathers wanted this company to continue developing new products as this intention was embedded in the name “Chin Huay”. This heritage has been passed from generation to generation which makes this company alive and fruitful.

Chin Huay Co., Ltd. was established in 1925 with a significant purpose of producing and processing food. Our first product is Fish Sauce and expand to Canned Sardines, Dehydrated Fruit and Healthy Snack.

Why our product is the best

Chin Huay emphasizes excellent control system with various certification such as HACCP, GMP, BRC and Halal. With our commitment and afford for improving the standard quality, Chin Huay received “Best Exporter 2016” from Prime Minister’s Export Award, the highest award in Thailand.

Nevertheless, the reward won’t stop us from improving. Chin Huay will be continue to research and develop the premium quality products to assure that our customer will receive only the best.