Social Policy and Practice

The Company always respects human rights to create sustainability for the Company. The Company treats employees and all stakeholders equally with no discrimination on skin color, race, gender, or religion, as well as accepting differences in thought, society, and culture.

The Company has established a human rights policy and appointed someone responsible for human rights in order to support the implementation of human rights principles and see the value of humanity. The important points are as follows:


Definition of the word “Human rights” at the operational level of the Company and throughout the Company’s value chain in line with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the United Nations Framework and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Ruggie Framework), and laws and regulations in each country and each local


Fair treatment of employees strictly complying with international human rights principles and relevant laws with the Company’s operation of educating employees on related matters

Important Practice Guidelines for Human Rights, Society, and Stakeholders can be summarized as follows:

Employees and Labors

The Company complies with human rights principles, employment law, fair compensation, employee training and care, working environment. The details are as follows:

(1) Employment

The Company takes human rights principles into account when hiring employees, regardless of gender, but mainly considers the abilities of employees.

Employee Statistics by Gender
(unit: People)
Employee Statistics by Race
(unit: People)

In addition to wages as agreed in the employment contract, the Company also provides additional welfare to employees, such as organizing a gym for employees, giving scholarships to children of employees with good academic performance, arranging activities for employees who have worked with the Company for a long time by taking them on a study trip abroad, and organizing a golden ring presentation ceremony for senior employees.

(2) Employee Training

In 2020-2022, the Company organized 29 courses, 30 courses, and 28 courses, respectively, to train employees. The courses trained each year will determine the training period, budget, and who must be trained to enable employees to develop their work potential, safety, knowledge, and personal abilities.

Train employees.

Safety and working environment

Due to the Company’s safety training since 2020, 2021, and 2022, the Company has employee statistics of work injuries 3 times, 2 times, and 2 times, respectively, all caused by mistakes in the operation of employees. To prevent future mistakes the Company therefore provides training to employees for specific operations that cause mistakes and injuries.