Chinhuay has operated our business by applying TREE philosophy which is to sustainably grow and always provide shade to all stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and surrounding communities.

Chinney 2015
To reinforce our TREE philosophy, we created a company mascot on 2015 and named “Chinney” . “Chinney” was a Happy Tree with Chinhuay Logo on the body, one foot wears canned fish shoes and another foot wears Strawberry shoes to represent our two main businesses: canned fish and dehydrated fruit.
Chinney 2017
On 2017, Chinney appeared with new look to change the image of the organization to look more modern and in line with our new corporate vision “Innovative healthy food”. New Chinney was more bright color, more modern look with Spice hair, and add big mango on the head to emphasize we are King of mango but still have Chinhuay logo on the body. Instead of wearing canned fish and strawberry shoes, new Chinney hold canned fish and strawberry on hand to show our two main businesses.
Chinney 2019
On 2019, we decided to remove canned fish and strawberry on Chinney hand to express that our company direction will not stick on canned fish and dehydrated business, but we are ready to move on to more innovative food businesses.