CHIN HUAY is a food product manufacturing factory with a vision for Innovative Healthy Food. Our products include canned fish, dried fruits, and snacks. We have been in operation since 1925. Our factory is certified to international food production standards, demonstrating our commitment to producing high-quality products. We pay attention to every step of the production process, sourcing only the finest quality ingredients to meet the needs of consumers of all genders and ages from all around the world. We export our high-quality products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

In addition, CHIN HUAY has an R&D Innovation Center that can develop products in collaboration with customers to meet market demands. We are a leader in OEM product manufacturing, offering One Stop Service, including Bulk pack options suitable for industrial facilities to use as raw materials for further production. Furthermore, CHIN HUAY produces quality products under more than 10 company brands, with over 100 years of experience in food production. We are dedicated to continuously developing our products to support future food trends.

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